Pre-Delivery Requirements


STEP 1: Determine If You Need a Building Permit+

Check with your town to see if you need a zoning and/or building permit.


  • Permit requirements and related fees are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Building codes in many towns and counties or your Home Owner Association may require specific foundations or the need to purchase additional items such as runners, anchor kits, etc. This may require additional material, construction or drawings to meet specific requirements and approvals. Please alert us about these items as soon as possible. We can add these items to your order at additional cost.


Note: If installation is taking place in Florida, Georgia, or the Carolinas, special requirements must be met.


We will contact you to discuss this before you contact your town or county. Additional fees may apply.

STEP 2: Review Your Project+


As part of the project planning and scheduling process we will be contacting you to review the placement of any windows or doors. Please consider these locations in advance. We may send you a layout diagram for you to confirm. If you have special design considerations, drawings, prints and other engineering work may be involved. In most cases we can provide and add these items or services to your order at additional cost. 



  • Land Quality and Leveling the Ground Land quality is important. When choosing your site consider all factors, including proper drainage, firmness of earth, and the location of underground utilities, etc. 
  • Land grade must be less than a 6" slope from the highest to lowest point*, with no protruding rocks or stumps in the area. (*up to 12" in southeastern states.)
  • Identify the highest corner using a “line level” and check the height of the other 3 corners of your site. Line levels are available at any hardware store, or call us and we will mail you one free of charge. 
  • If you have purchased a ramp, please make sure this area is level as well. 

Foundations and Site Photos

Depending on your building size, style, and location there are a variety of solutions to choose from. Typically smaller building sizes under 12x20 are built on concrete blocks placed in positions around the perimeter. Blocks are included with installation. (We may also add PT wood or shingle shims for leveling.) Garages and larger buildings more commonly involve concrete work. Slab foundations are used for garages. Two story structures may require concrete footings, sonotubes, or foundations. Having the proper foundation for your new building will meet building permit requirements, protect your investment over time, and provide a suitable base for your structure. 


The customer is responsible for: site preparation, grading, fill, concrete, and foundation work. These must meet H.I.P. specifications. Please call us about this before you break ground and we will provide you with the information you need. 


H.I.P. may request you provide us site photos to determine site condition and status of foundation work. Typically 3 or 4 photos may be requested. Photos include: approach to site, material drop location, build site, and foundation. Please be sure you have your flags set in the ground and included in the photos. If it is determined that a site check is required fees may apply. 

STEP 3: Mark Site and Prepare for Delivery+

Using the flags provided, please have the building site marked (to the actual building footprint) before the materials and our builders arrive.

  • Indicate the four corners with the white flags and the main or double door location with the red flag. 
  • Use the orange flag to mark the spot where building materials will be placed and stored on the site.
  • If you are sending us project photos please have your flags set and shown in your photos.


Clearance must be provided around the building perimeter: for single story buildings, at least 3' clear and for two story buildings at least 6' clear of any fences, trees, etc. 


Overhead clearance is also required. Please remove tree branches and note that the space above where the building will be built must be clear of overhead wires, lines, etc. 


As a general guideline, please provide 15' of vertical clearance above ground for a single story building and 24' for two story buildings. Finished building heights may vary, usually 6' of clearance is needed above the roof peak height of your building.

Material Deliveries


Building materials are delivered by a large tractor trailer. For some jobs more than one supplier delivery is used. The material is then offloaded from the tractor trailer using a large forklift. The forklift will carry the material adjacent to the construction location. All material needs to be placed within 50' of the construction site. There must be a clear level path 16' wide and 12' overhead with no obstructions for the fork lift to travel. If there is not clear access for the fork lift, carry fees may apply. Delivery vehicles may leave tracks, indentations, or ruts in yard and customer accepts full responsibility for this. 


The path must support the forklift and be clear of septic, sprinkler, or other lines.


The customer is responsible for any alterations to fences, trimming trees etc.


Typically we will arrange the delivery of materials to your site prior to the builders arrival to begin work. Exposure of materials to the weather in transit, upon delivery and during the build is a normal aspect of construction.

STEP 4: Schedule your Installation+

We will call you within one week to review your order. In our conversation with you we will discuss:


  • Permitting
  • Layout
  • Foundations
  • Material Delivery
  • Leveling, Marking, and Clearances
  • Electrical Access


Installation is typically scheduled within 2-4 weeks from the time you have completed the preparation of your site. 


Our products are installed Monday-Friday. We ask for your understanding if an unforeseen event affects a time or date. 


Material deliveries and construction times can fluctuate based on seasonal volume and weather conditions. Once you have accepted your installation date your order cannot be changed. 

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